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Company profile

Founded in the UK, Jensprima Instruments Limited is an innovative company focusing on water measurement. Since the company started, we have been committed to the research of optical analysis, sensor technology and measurement reagents. We can also provide customers with tailor-made solutions. As the expert in water hardness measurement, Jensprima has a long-standing reputation for reliable product quality and excellent customer service in pharmaceutical purified water and industrial boiler water testing. We also offer solutions for dosing control of precise flocculants.

Jensprima Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2017. The company was initially responsible for the marketing, sales and after-sales service of JENSPRIMA products in the Asia-Pacific region, and then the assembly and testing of some products was introduced to Shanghai Jensprima. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.


Brand Advantages
· More than 2, 000 online hardness / alkalinity analyzers are installed and used in China.

· Save the investment for your water measuring instrument.

· Regular instruments are available from stock to save your precious time.

· Low-maintenance product design and standardized services can quickly solve your technical problems.


Measurement Parameters:

Total hardness, total alkalinity, streaming current, pH / ORP, temperature, electrical conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, turbidity, MLSS, SS, ion concentration, total iron, Level, sludge interface and flow, etc. 


Our vision:

To be the reliable manufacturer of water quality instrument