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  • innoCon 6800T Turbidity / SS Analyzer is based on 90 ° scattered light and is EN ISO 7027 compliant. When the light passes through the solution, a portion is absorbed and scattered, and the other is passed through the solution so that the turbidity and the suspended matter of the water sample can be measured by measuring the intensity of the scattered light of the particles in the water. It is equipped with innoSens 810T sensor, can measure the turbidity of 1000NTU or suspended solids 2000mg / L


  • Technical Data

    Measuring parameter

    Measuring range

    Turbidity: 0.0-4.0 / 40.0 / 400.0 / 1000.0 NTU

    SS: 0.0-10.0 / 100.0 / 1000.0 / 2000.0 mg/L

    Resolution: 0.1 NTU, 0.1 mg/L

    Accuracy: ±2 f.s


    Measuring sensor: innoSens 810T turbidity/ suspended solids sensor


    Analog Output 1:

    4-20 mA isolated current output for suspended solids sensor, it can be made to represent any segment of the measuring scale

    Load:Max. 600Ω

    Relay 1&2 (Alarm)

    Operation: ON/OFF

    Selectable action : High / Low

    Set Point: High/10.0 g/L; Low/4.0 g/L (adjustable)

    Hysteresis: 0.01 g/L (adjustable)

    Relay contacts: 5A/250VAC;5A/30VDC

    Relay 3 (Wash Relay)

    Wash interval: 0.1~1000hour

    Wash time: 1~1000s

    Relay contacts: 5A/250VAC;5A/30VDC


    RS 485 Modbus RTU

    Baud rate: 9600 bps

    Data format: 8 bit

    General Information

    Power supply90 - 260V AC, 50/60Hz; 24VDC(Optional)


    Operating temperature: 0 - 60 ℃

    Storage temperature: -20 - 70 ℃

    Humidity: Max. 90% rH at 40℃ (non-condensing)

    LCD display: Suspended solids value and relay status

    Language: Chinese / English

    Passcode: Set mode: 0022, Calibration mode: 0011

    Protection grade: IP65

    Dimensions: 160 * 166 * 73mm

    Installation: Wall Mounting


    Sensor Information

    Type: innoSens 810T

    Material: 316L/PVC shell, special optical glass


    Diameter: 42mm

    Length: 210mm

    Connection: 1”GAS

    Cable:10 m

    Max. Pressure: 4 bar

    Protection grade: IP68

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    innoCon 6800T

    Suspended solids controller, 90 - 260V AC


    innoCon 6800T

    Suspended solids controller, 24V DC


    innoSens 810T

    Suspended solids sensor, turbidity: 0.0-1000.0 NTU,

    SS: 0.0-2000 mg/L



  • Suspended Solids Analyzer
    Application: Process Water Cycle Water Wastewater Treatment Pure Water Features Innovative optical technology ensures reliable concentration measurements 90° light scattering technology Using ARM system, more stable and reliable Lattice display, Chinese and English menu 4-20mA current/ RS485 output Stainless steel electrodes are more rugged and reliable Air cleaning device is optional
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