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PACON 4800 online water hardness analyzer

Measurement Parameters
Total Hardness

●Total alkalinity



Demineralized water

Reverse osmosis

Boiler water

Laundry room


Cooling tower

Pharmaceutical water

Process water

Drinks / food



Fully automatic measurement

According to the selected reagent, automatically measure the total water hardness in different ranges. This analysis is more efficient than manual measurements and more reliable than other indirect measurement methods such as ion-selective electrodes.


Smart & accurate

GB measurement method - Titration colorimetry method, the instrument has a calibration function. Integrated measurement techniques and two-stage analysis identify external influences such as trough contamination, watery turbidity and external light and eliminate these effects in the measurement.


A variety of measurement modes

- Continuous measurement

- Interval measurement (5-99min)

- External switch signal initiates measurement

Compact design

The dimension is only 300x300x200mm, can be directly linked to the wall or mounted on the bracket.


Minimum maintenance workload

Complete isolation of water and testing device, detachable measuring cell, without the need for additional tools for maintenance, can be easily implemented. It is recommended to replace the spare parts package once a year (including: peristaltic pump head reagent tube, stirrer, seal, order number: 50-5000-10)


Automatic cleaning

Rinsing and Cleaning are performed automatically for each analysis, ensuring measurement accuracy, repeatability and reduced field maintenance.


Low reagent consumption

Reagent bottle can be easily replaced, 500ml reagent can measure 5000 ~ 10000 times. Reagents valid for 2 years.


LCD backlight LCD display

Multi-language graphics backlight LCD display measurements, reagent remaining, alarm values and relay status.


0 / 4-20mA output


SD card data storage

2G data storage card, can be directly imported into the computer to excel format access to historical data and system failure information.


Basic parameters

Measuring principle: Titration colorimetry

Ambient temperature: 5 - 45

Water temperature: 5 - 40

Water sample pressure: 0.5 - 5bar, recommended 1-2bar over 2bar recommended installation of pressure reducing valve

Water quality requirements: colorless, no suspended matter, no bubble pH 4 - 10.5, iron: <3ppm, copper: <0.2ppm aluminum: <0.1ppm, manganese: <0.2ppm

In / out connection: OD 6mm hose

Humidity: 20 - 90% RH, indoor installation

Power supply: 85 - 265VAC, 47-63Hz, 25VA (runtime)

Size / Weight: 300 x 300 x 200mm, ca. 4Kg (with outer case)

Protection class: IP65


Technical Data

Measuring range: 0.53 - 534.0 ppm CaCO3 (see reagent type)

Measurement time: About 3 minutes, depending on water hardness and set rinse time

Accuracy: ± 5% of the upper limit of the selected reagent

Repeatability: The upper limit of the selected reagent ± 5%

Analysis cycle: continuous measurement / interval measurement (5-99min) / external start signal

Rinse time: 15 - 1800s

Water consumption: about 1000ml / analysis

Display: Backlit LCD display graphics, numerical

Optional units: mmol / L, ppm CaCO3, ° dH, ° f and so on

Current output: 0/4 - 20mA, Max. 750?

Relay output: 2 passive relay output NC / NO, 250VAC 4A

Input: External switch signal start analysis


Order No.




PACON 4800

PACON 4800 Online Hardness Analyzer (With OuterBox)


Spare parts kits, including: peristaltic pump head (including pump tube), sealing ring, stirrer, reagent bottle connecting pipe, it is recommended to change one year


LED light source, it is recommended to change for two years