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    Our innoCon 6800CL residual chlorine analyzer is based on a double platinum potentiostatic method.

    The measurement and the reference electrode maintain a stable potential, and different measured components will produce different current intensities at that potential. In the measurement process, chlorine molecules or hypochlorite will be consumed, as the current intensity produced is related to the concentration of residual chlorine in water.

    When pH value is In the range of 6-8, the measured signal decreases while the pH value increases, so

    innoCon 6800CL chlorine can only be used in the condition of pH ≤ 8. If the pH value in the water is constant,

    the effect of pH can be compensated by calibration on site.

    The same potentiostatic method is used to measure ClO2 and O3.



    ● No need colorants

    ● No need to replace the membrane and electrolyte gel

    ● Easy to install

    ● Low maintenance costs

    ● Zero-point stability

    ● Flow Cell to keep the flow constant

  • Measuring range:0 - 2.000, 0 - 20.00 ppm (mg/L)

    Resolution: 0.001 / 0.01 ppm (mg/L)

    Accuracy: ±2%f.s.

    Ambient conditions

         6 - 8 pH (Cl2)

         6 - 9 pH (ClO2, O3)

         0 - 60 ℃(Working temperature)

         1 bar (Max. pressure)

         10 - 30 litre/hour, constant (Flow)



    Dimensions: 120 * 12mm

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    The innoSens 710 constant voltage electrode is designed to measure residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone dissolved in water without consuming any colorimetric reagent and is typically used with the PA-711 flow cell.
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