Online hardness analyzer installed in Jiangsu Fumiao

Jiangsu Fumiao Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Feixiang Group. It is a high-tech enterprise that provides comprehensive solutions for water treatment and process special chemical additives, industrial wastewater deep treatment and recycling for water-based industries. Vice Chairman of the Molecular Industry, China Environmental Protection Industry and Membrane Industry Member Unit.



The hardness monitoring in the chemical industry mainly controls the concentration of Ca and Mg ions in water. If the concentration is too high, it is easy to precipitate, resulting in fouling, reacting to some auxiliary chemicals in chemical production, changing the original chemical properties, and corroding the pipeline at the same time. Even in the boiler feed water process, a serious explosion will occur, resulting in a safety accident. Therefore, online monitoring of total water hardness is important for production. The customer finally chose our PACON 5000 online hardness analyzer and TH5001 hardness reagent, automatic timing measurement (customer set 60min measurement interval), automatic cleaning. The 2G SD data memory card records each measurement value and system fault information. The excel format allows customers to quickly view historical data and process analysis.


The PACON 5000 online hardness analyzer automatically monitors the total hardness of the water on-line, just by guaranteeing 1-2 bar water pressure. The external input function can link the instrument with the softening device (measured when producing water, no water is not measured), and the time interval measurement greatly saves the reagent consumption. Take the measurement in the field for 60 minutes, and the 500ml hardness reagent can be used for almost one year. The TH10 hardness test kit, which we gave away, also quickly verified the measurement accuracy of the PACON 5000. It is also the PACON 5000 online hardness analyzer with high precision and stability, fully automatic measurement and basic maintenance-free features, allowing customers to fully recognize our products.